We are…big dreamers.

February 19, 2010

From birth,  Johnny, the world is your oyster. You can be whatever you want to be. Just keep this dream in front of you. And it will happen.

From adulthood, Johnny is in a cubicle wasting his life away.

What happens in between? We humans tend to dream big. I think it’s natural. It’s a good thing. A big goal in front of us might make us work harder in life and be better citizens. But I think overtime, too many people tell you to stop dreaming and be normal. And too many people fall for it. C’mon guys, DREAM BIG and KEEP DREAMING! It’s gonna be reality.

I believe in karma and fate and such. I think if you give up on a destiny you can have, then the universe will punish you for being so stubborn. For all we know, we get one life, and if we mess it up the world will let us know. But who can analyze this stuff? Like babies die all the time for no reason.

Anyway, back to the topic. I want to be a film director. Big dream. I have no back up plan. No plans to make a back up plan. It’s that or nothing. Well almost nothing. I might do porn if it doesn’t work out. But I am always keeping this vision in front of me. The vision of bossing people around all day :p But seriously if I’m ever feeling blue, I think of a movie I might be working on and everything else kind of just fades away. No worries in the world. The process of creating is my ecstasy. I can’t fall asleep at night so instead of counting sheep I imagine me living my dream. It works wonders.

So please whoever reads this, yeah we need people in cubicles to do our shit that no one else will do. But as computers replace every job in the world, try and do the jobs that a computer can’t. Create things. Write things. Invent! Don’t fall into the workforce gears of the country. Everyone has a chance :)…except the babies who die young.

So what’s your dream? What do you want to do in your life above all else? Leave a comment 😉


We are…followers.

February 15, 2010

12:01 am, it’s a new day. I know what that means. A new horoscope is up on the nifty Daily Horoscope app.

Let’s check it out. WHAT’S THIS!? A new relationship might sprout with a special someone? No way! I know who it is. It’s that girl I like isn’t it? Yeah…it is.

No it isn’t. Love and any relationship you’ll have that’ll mean anything at all comes when you least expect it. And we live in a world of expectations. We expect a nice stable relationship to come to us. We wait patiently until it does. It doesn’t arrive. We force ourselves to wait but always keep it in the back of our minds, thinking about it. All the time. Finally, we give up, call it a night and out of nowhere, cupid shoots an arrow right at my ass.

Yesterday was Valentines Day. Who spent this day alone? Who bought someone roses or chocolates? Who bought someone a card that said something this person could not think of to say themselves 🙂

We are…followers. We do what we’re told to do. Even if it’s subconscious. Some people consider themselves independent. No one is truly independent. Our thoughts come from something that happened to us in our lives. Nothing is truly original. Just as our computers are programmed to do what we tell them, our minds are programmed the same way.

Let’s not get too dark here. Yesterday was a day of LOVE! PASSION! EXCITEMENT! I had plans to do something for someone. Then I came to my senses. No! I shall not be that guy. Why would I give this girl a gift? She hasn’t done shit for me. I need to stop being nice to her. The friend zone is not a place I want to be. Not again. I did not follow the path of the guy who tries desperately for one girl to establish a relationship that can’t happen. I thought I was being cool and fresh by fighting the power but I’m merely following a different path that has already been laid out thousands of times. The first path is made of dirt and sleepless nights. This path has some cobblestones but it’s very…very long.

When I get to the end of it, I’ll probably know what I’m talking about. But until then, don’t take my word on anything. Just look at the paths and follow the one that leads to better days.


So what did you do for V-Day? Leave a comment 🙂